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Paul Adefarasin

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Paul Adefarasin
Posted to the web: 8/12/2005 10:22:22 PM
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Paul Adefarasin is the founder and Senior Pastor of the fast growing HOUSE ON THE ROCK, Lagos - a multi-racial, multi-tribal and multi-faceted church with 35 branches and several ministries in Europe and Africa. He is also the President of the ROCK FOUNDATION, a ministry committed to restoring hope and healing the hurting in our generation. In great demand globally as a conference speaker, Paul Adefarasin's message of hope, restoration and true worship cuts across a wide spectrum of human need catapulting his listeners into their God ordained destiny.

Paul Adefarasin

His television programme 'SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN' is a favorite in Nigeria and London and reaches into millions of homes. He is happily married to Ifeanyi and together they have two lovely children, Hilda Adebola and Alvin Adegboyega.
Born with a silver spoon, Adefarasin squandered his life away on drugs in the United States until he saw the light in 1994.

From the living room of his mother in Lagos , he set up a church that blossomed over the last seven years to 7,000 worshippers at its present headquarters. This is in addition to 36 other branches both within and outside the country.

Eloquent and charismatic, Aderafasin is one of the favourite televangelists. Through his "Something Is About to Happen" television programme, he has been able to touch the lives of many weary souls in many ways. Many find his turn-around from his previous drug addicted lifestyle as a great challenge in their own lives.

Today, Adefarasin is putting up a N1.3 billion " Rock Millennium Temple " that would accommodate thousands of worshippers. Quite a trendy pastor!



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