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Mathew Ashimolowo
Posted to the web: 8/12/2005 9:10:38 PM
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Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo was for a long time regarded as the richest of Nigeria's evangelists.

Senior Pastor of KICC, the fastest Growing Church in the UK and Europe. Under his leadership the church has grown from 300 Adults to almost 8,000 in eight years.

Mathew AshimolowoHe is an author of 33 books including the highly acclaimed Prayer Power Series.

He is steering KICC towards its vision of 25,000 membership by the year 2010.

His ministry is about to embark upon building a 10,000-Seater Arena that is to be the first of its kind in Europe.

An accomplished broadcaster, his Winning Ways Programme is aired daily on Premier Radio (London) and Spirit FM (Amsterdam) and viewed on television by a potential audience of over 200 million in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, TV Africa and Europe on the Christian Channel and Inspirational Network.

The highly successful Church Growth Trends are his latest radio programmes to be aired on Premier. The programme is aimed at Pastors and Leaders.

The monthly Success and Prayer Seminars run by Pastor Matthew draw two to three thousands each month from all parts of London. Subjects range from 101 Answers to Money Problems & Raising Godly homes to impacting the lives of men & women on issues such as Business, Singleness, Courtship & Marriage.

The widely acclaimed International Gathering of Champions, is an annual conference of KICC that attracts an international audience. It's considered as one of the leading conferences, in the UK by Pastors, church members, leaders and the media.

Pastor Matthew has ministered in Holland, France, Portugal, Ghana, USA, Nigeria and Canada.

He runs a bimonthly forum for church heads called 'Ministers Together'. This brings currently 200 Pastors together for fellowship, mentoring, networking, counselling and encouragement.

Recent community activities have included:

  • Sending a 40ft container of clothing to Mozambique
  • Raising £35,000 for wells in Africa
  • Starting a ministry to reach out to prostitutes, drug addicts, and beggars in London on a weekly basis

Pastor Matthew's influence in church growth and evangelism has been noted by the BBC TV, BBC Radio Stations, Carlton TV, The Times, The Guardian and many others in the local and international news media.

A gifted orator and challenger of excellence in ministry, Pastor Matthew is frequently requested to talk and/or give seminars on Leadership. He is highly sought after as a mentor by his peers and other Christian Leaders.

His book Tongues of Fire won the Nigeria Booksellers Award for Best Author.

He is a Pastor, Teacher, Mentor, Evangelist and a Businessman. In addition a loving husband and father of two boys.

His overwhelming passion is to preach 'the living word to the dying world'.

In the UK he is considered to be one of the leading ministers on Church issues with frequent request from radio, television, magazines and newspapers for his comments.

Date of birth: 17 March 1952 Place of birth: Nigeria 
Marital status & family:
Happily married to Yemisi, two Sons, Tobi and Tomi.




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